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InstaPACS replaces the conventional hard copy based means of managing medical images, such as film archives. It expands on the possibilities of such conventional systems by providing capabilities of off-site viewing and reporting. Additionally, it enables practitioners at various physical locations to access the same information simultaneously. With the decreasing price of digital storage, InstaRad PACS systems provide a growing cost and space advantage over film archives.

Typically InstaPACS network consists of a central server that stores a database containing the images connected to one or more clients via a LAN or internet which provide or utilize the images

The benefits of InstaPACS are,
Cost Savings-No Hard copy film, No storage for film, No film loss
Increased Revenues-Smooth work flow, Increased radiologist productivity
Increased Patient Satisfaction
Better work flow optimization
Increase the overall productivity
Improvement in image reading time
More effective time management
Faster report Turnaround times
Improves patient care and the outpatient utilization rate increased
Enables Real time information sharing between clinics or hospitals foe teleradiology practices
Reduced storage space makes maximized productivity and usability for the facility
Reduced waiting time for patients results in increased patient turn over rate.
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