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InstaRad - Enterprise version
The work flow manager assigns the work to the radiologist or group of radiologists based on pre- defined rule sets.
One or more remote centres will be mapped to a junior radiologist to draft the reports, and a senior radiologist will review   the drafted reports and then sign it.
The Report will be saved in the server with the Digital Signature of the Radiologist.
The work flow manager manages a team of radiologists to view the images of his allocated centres.
An auto SMS gateway is integrated with the system, which will send an sms to the radiologist once a work- list is assigned to him.
Centralised Workflow management
Modalities Support : Any DICOM 3.0 compliant modality. For non-dicom modalities, the conversion system should be provided
Modular Architecture-Additional centres can be added.
Compression Support : lossless compression schemes
Security : HIPAA guidelines
Reporting Workflow: Admin should  allocate the cases to a group of radiologists and once reported, reports should be archived and sent to a remote centre.
Low bandwidth streaming: images should be streamed on low bandwidth. Radiologists should be able to view them using CDMA/GSM as a mode of connectivity to internet.
InstaRad Special features
Digital signature by the reporting radiologist.
Referring Physician access-Referring physician can see his referred cases only.
Upgrade to Image Archival system for long term storage.
Point to multi- point solution.
Offline image viewing option at the remote side.
Option of selecting Streaming or Dicom download.
Mobile reporting facility (works well with low band-width) eg CDMA/GSM mobile data transfer rates.
HIS/RIS integration.
HIPAA compliant.
Image -viewing and report module is integrated in the same user- interface.
InstaRad viewer Features
Full screen display for optimal screen usage
Window level/window width
Hounsfield measurements
Standard and user-defined Windows
Cut lines and scout display
Text and graphic overlays
Left/Right markers
Zoom and Pan
Gray scale invert
Measurement tools including gray-scale, line, angle and ROI
Professional viewing on any Personal Computer
Multiple studies and series display for comparison
Stack and Page modes
Interactive windowing
Study Browsing
User specific customization
Filters for preferred display
Easy typing of text reports
InstaRad reporting tool uses MS-Word, PDF insertion as report
System Administratio
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