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The RESQ range of online UPS systems offers you a distinct, significant advantage that's simply unmatched. State-of-the-art technology together with rigorous R&D efforts, has helped us set the standards for the future.

RESQ is equipped with PFC (Power Factor Correction) to ensure improved energy efficiency, reduce heat generated, provide clean and pure power supply, eco-friendliness in short, be a source of "Green power". So, what's new, you say? Wait, there's more!

For the very first time, in RESQ, the PFC is combined with an in-built isolation transformer that removes noise, suppresses surges, blocks DC signals while continuing to transmit AC signals assuring complete protection to expensive, sensitive electronic equipment. You'll agree that's a big, big competitive edge you cannot afford to ignore!

UPS with internalbatteries upto 6KVA and UPS with 3phase input & 3phase output can also supplied on demand
    Technical Specifications Download
   2 KVA to 10 KVA Download
   15 KVA to 20 KVA Download
   30 KVA to 40 KVA Download
   UPS with 3 Phase output Download
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