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Why Singapore?

1) Singapore is one of the World’s safest countries to live, with a very low crime rate.
2) It is a multi-cultural nation, with a high quality of life-style.
3) Quality Education system
4) Lower cost of living, compared to UK, US, Australia, and Europe.
Why MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore)?
1) MDIS have been established in the year 1956, and has history of over 52 years. MDIS is a not-for-profit institution.
2) MDIS is considered the best private education institute in Singapore, and has achieved the Case Trust, and the Singapore
  Quality Class (SQC) awards in the Private Education Organization (PEO), category.
3) MDIS has 7 University partners:
  a. University of Wales, UK
b. University of Bradford, UK
c. University of Sunderland, UK
d. Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France
e. Edith Cowan University, Australia
f. Southern Cross University, Australia
g. Oklahoma City University, USA
4) The range of programmes offered include:
  a. Business and Management (Undergraduate, and Post-graduate level)
b. Information Technology
c. Life Sciences
d. Mass Communication
e. Psychology
f. Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
5) Global degrees are offered at MDIS, are of almost ‘Half’ the cost of what are offered on-campus
6) 5% discount is given to students paying the full fees, as a one shot payment.
7) Degree is awarded by the respective University partners
8) The degree awarded is identical to the one offered on-campus
9) The course material, assignments etc. are all developed by the respective university partners.
10) Selected post-graduate programmes also offer on-campus experience with the lecturers from the respective university, conducting lectures in Singapore
11) MDIS Unicampus is a S$ 35 million, state-of-the-art campus
12) MDIS provides a one-stop-solution, through the following:
  a. Application processing for university approval
b. Application processing for student visa for the entire duration of the programme
c. Hostel Accommodation: MDIS has collaboration with 6 hostels, and the students are housed according to the availability and their budget.
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